{October 21, 2007}   Create your own Podcast

So in my recent job search, I have been trying to think of a unique way to set myself apart from my competition. I am working on a portfolio website to showcase my work, but most everyone in my field has some sort of digital portfolio, so its almost expected by employers. On paper, my resume stands out because of its bold design, but when it has to be just text based for online applications, it probably looks like everyone else’s resume, which has prompted me to look for alternate ways to catch the attention of my future employer.

My latest great idea? A podcast. Podcasts are easy to create and I can add it to my website in just a few steps. Employers and hiring managers will simply have to click on a button and get to know me by listening to my podcast. I can talk about my experiences, my goals, my education, and my skills in a more vibrant, colorful way than any piece of paper could ever explain.

To check the appropriateness of my idea, I searched through different articles but couldn’t find much on my idea. I saw a couple of comments to blogs that agree that it is a way to get noticed and to set yourself apart from others, but even sites that discuss alternative resumes don’t really touch on podcasts.

Using a podcast as a resume got me thinking. What else is as competitive as the job market? Getting into your first choice college, of course. College admissions officers are always looking for essays that really let them see a person’s goals and personality. What better way to do that than by speaking to them about your experiences and goals? You will still have to write the required admissions essay, but adding a podcast may just set you apart from the thousands of other applicants. I think that this will work especially well if you are applying to a technical school because you will be showcasing your skills at the same time.

Both Windows and Mac users can follow the Beginner’s Guide to Podcast Creation, which includes downloading a free copy of Audacity to create your podcast. Mac users can also follow Apple’s Podcast Creation Guide, which gives you step by step instructions for creating a podcast using GarageBand and distributing it using iTunes.

Podcasts are also a way for musicians to record and distribute music, for writers to share their stories with others, and for you to keep your family up to date on what you are doing after you get accepted and start classes at your first choice school.

Happy Podcasting!


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