{September 29, 2007}   Nerdisms

Hey Ladies! The other day I realized that I am definitely a bit of a nerd. Not in the classic pocket protecting, glasses held together by tape, annoying kind of way; but rather in the sense that I love learning about new technologies and I can hold my own in a battle of wits with any Computer Science or IT kid.

But…its always been kind of a secret. In high school I was more concerned about my wardrobe and my friends than what made my Instant Messanger work. I only cared that it did work. Thinking back though, I do recall being interested in modern technologies. When my family got our first Windows machine, I immediately set up a Geocities account because I wanted to make a website. My lack of a topic kept my fabulous site from ever being launched, but I think thats where my geeky persuasion began.

Another secret? I saw Antitrust about 25 times. I was entranced by the thought of hacking and the idea of synergy. At the time, I didn’t understand the similarities to Microsoft or Bill Gates, but I still thought that the capabilities were incredible. There is a room on the first floor of the building where I work and it is completely empty except for a vending machine. It reminds me of that room in the movie that turns out to be a pretty important part of the plot. I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I definitely suggest it for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

After thinking back on these brief encounters and spending four years at a school strongly devoted to making strides in the tech world, I almost wish that I had taken my interests more seriously and stopped being such a GIRL for awhile. I thought technology was better suited for boys who hid themselves away in dark basements with the greenish glow of their monitors as their only source of a tan.

So what is my point in all of this? Girls are just as well suited for a career in technology as boys are. Both of my college internships were in tech companies and I definitely plan to pursue employment a similar company in the future. It is so innovative and changes every day. This past week, an event called Women in Science Day was held at Washburn University. The event was held to encourage middle school girls to consider a future in science or technology. Even though those girls are a lot younger than me, I admire their curiosity and interest and I wish that their had been a day like that when I was in middle school.

My advice to you? If you are a middle or high school girl interested in technology….Go for it! Some of my favorite nerdy-pleasure websites are Digg, Engadget, and AppleInsider. Check them out! And if you are a chick pursuing your tech dreams? Let me know.

Happy Nerding!


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